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The Best Way To Claim Back Mis-sold PPI From Dorothy Perkins Without Any Original Paperwork

Claim Back up to 30 Years of mis-sold PPI

No Original Paperwork Required

If you have had a Payment protection insurance contract with Dorothy Perkins within the last twelve years you possibly have been mis-sold it. No original loan contract or paperwork is necessary for us to generate a claim to suit your needs.

Payment protection insurance has been widely mis-sold for quit some time, we can easily help you claim back as many as 12 years. PPI is usually offered to individuals to make sure that they are able to satisfy their finance payments at times of financial hardship for example loss of a job or maybe a serious illness. The issue started when money grabbing bank staff who had been guaranteed substantial commission rates to market PPI began to market it to people that did not have any use for it. Insurance was commonly mis-sold as a result of telling the borrower that Payment protection insurance would be a element the financial loan agreement. Nearly all fiscal companies in the United Kingdom have been responsible for Payment protection insurance mis-selling.

We can help you reclaim any cash you might be owed from any mis-sold PPI policy as well as interest. You will not have to present any sort of original documentation or even the financial loans policy number to create a claim. Our company is in a position to claim in some circumstances as much as 12 yrs of mis-sold Payment protection insurance for our own clients. If you feel you have a PPI claim, Recover Your Money Ltd can quickly and efficiently help you claim any money that you are owed.

There exists a pretty good possibility you were mis-sold PPI if

  • It wasn’t defined that Payment Protection was optional
  • You weren’t warned concerning any specific exceptions to claiming PPI like medical ailments and self employment
  • The fact that you would need to pay interest fees on your Payment protection insurance agreement in the event it was included with the financing never was mentioned
  • You actually felt pressured in to acquiring payment protection insurance

  • To make a no documents PPI Claim with Dorothy Perkins just fill in the form on this page and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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