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Making A Moneyway PPI Claim Without The Original Policy Number

Claim Back up to 30 Years of mis-sold PPI

No Original Paperwork Required

If you believe you’ve been mis-sold Payment protection insurance by Moneyway we are able to help you make a claim. We would not need your original finance arrangement documents in order to place a Payment protection insurance claim.

You will find there’s a chance that if you’ve had a charge card, mortgage agreement or bank loan at some point in the previous 12 years that you’ve been mis-sold PPI. PPI was basically protection available to individuals so that they continued to be able to meet their loan payments when they ran into some kind of monetary issues along the lines of unemployment or health issues. The widespread mis-selling regarding Payment protection insurance began when workers who had been on sizeable commission rates began to promote PPI to those who had been ineligible to claim, for example the self-employed and also retired persons. PPI had been often mis-sold as a result of suggesting to the borrower that PPI was actually a element the financial loan agreement. PPI has been mis-sold by just about every commercial lender throughout the United Kingdom.

We are able to assist you to reclaim anything you may be due from your mis-sold Payment protection insurance policy as well as interest. You won’t have to produce any kind of original agreements or the personal loans policy number to make a claim. We pride ourselves on having the capacity to claim further back than other Payment protection insurance claim companies, in some cases we have managed to claim around 12 years of Payment protection insurance. Having specialised in bank complaints from more than 13 years, Recover Your Money Ltd can help you reclaim monies owed from mis-sold PPI.

You will find there’s good chance that you were mis-sold Payment protection insurance if

  • The Payment protection insurance Agreement wasn’t offered as being an optional extra
  • Though it seemed to be quite obvious Payment protection insurance was not suitable you were still advised to get it
  • You actually felt pressured in to purchasing ppi

  • To make a no documents Payment protection insurance Claim with Moneyway just fill in the form on this page and we will contact you shortly.

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