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Making A Cheshire Building Society PPI Claim With No Original Documents

Claim Back up to 30 Years of mis-sold PPI

No Original Paperwork Required

Did Cheshire Building Society mis-sell you a PPI agreement we could make it easier to claim back anything you could be owed. No original lending agreement or paperwork is necessary for us to generate a claim on your behalf.

Payment protection insurance ended up being extensively mis-sold for years, we can provide help to claim back as much as twelve years. PPI was protection made available to people in order that they continued to be able to meet their loan repayment schedules should they encountered some form of monetary issues for example redundancy or maybe health issues. Payment protection insurance was mis-sold to the majority of people that did not need it such as retired persons along with the self-employed, so that bank employees and lenders could very well acquire massive commissions. It was also common for dealers to say the only way a personal loan could be arranged was by obtaining payment protection insurance. Pretty much every bank and finance institutions inside the British Isles are responsible for some form of payment protection mis-selling.

We are able to assist you to reclaim any cash you could be owed from any mis-sold PPI coverage along with interest. Absolutely no documents or even original documentation will be required for us to generate a claim for you, we won’t even have to have the original policy number. Our company is able to claim in some circumstances up to 12 yrs of mis-sold Payment protection insurance for our own customers. If you feel you have a PPI claim, Recover Your Money Ltd can quickly and efficiently help you claim any money that you are owed.

Payment protection insurance was typically mis-sold in the following ways

  • It had not been discussed that Payment Protection was non-obligatory
  • You were urged to adopt Payment protection insurance even though it wasn’t appropriate for you
  • You had been offered PPI irrespective of being unable to make a claim due to a preexisting medical condition or being running your own business
  • You weren’t informed that you’d be asked to pay interest on the Payment protection insurance in the event it was combined with the finance
  • You had been pressurised towards getting PPI cover

  • To make a no documentation PPI Claim with Cheshire Building Society simply just fill in the form on this page and we will contact you shortly.

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