Make a PPI Claim Even With Lost or Missing Paperwork

Claim Back up to 30 Years of mis-sold PPI

No Original Paperwork Required

Have you thought of making a claim for the mis-sale of PPI but haven’t because you believe you cannot make a claim as a PPI claim with missing paperwork is not possible? If you believed that you cannot make a claim for this reason then fortunately you are wrong. Yes you can and almost certainly should look at any borrowing that you have had both in the past and current and if paperwork is missing, has been destroyed or disposed of as the account is closed you could potentially be sat on a claim for several thousand pounds.

The vast majority of our clients do not know if they ever took out Payment Protection Insurance and they do not believe that as they cannot prove they did they can make a claim. Fortunately this is incorrect. As long as you know the name of the lenders for any borrowing that you may have had that is either closed or still in place we can find out first what facilities you have had and if PPI was applied to them. Of course there is no guarantee with anything so if we find that there is no PPI attached to whatever facility you had whether it is a credit card, a personal loan or a mortgage then there is no fee to pay. If the lender is after us checking thoroughly not able to find details there would be no fee to pay. The only time we charge a success fee, which is 25% of any refund, is if we have been able to obtain a refund on your behalf.

It is so important that you look at any facilities that you have which in many cases can go back to the 1990’s and on several we have been successful in obtaining refunds from the 1980’s although these are few and far between but everything and anything s worth looking into and we certainly love the challenge at looking at any claim regardless of how difficult says it is on the internet!.

The type of facilities that we can look into span more than just Loans, they include, and for some reason people forget these although they can have the largest refunds being Credit Cards though to mortgages, store cards and Hire Purchase, we have even found PPI on some current accounts.

About 20 billion pounds has been paid out by the banks, which is a huge sum of money. When you consider that if they were to refund all of the premiums ever charged to clients from when PPI started this figure is close to 200 billion pounds then you may realise how many people could claim. If you have had facilities in the past and have not found out if PPI was applied don’t leave it any longer contact us today!


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