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Credit Card Protection Plan Reclaim 2013

Claim Back up to 30 Years of mis-sold PPI

No Original Paperwork Required

The card protection plan, a way to help protect card holders in case they could not make payments on their balance has become one of the biggest financial scandals in the UK. For a growing number of UK citizens, they are currently pursuing a card protection plan reclaim effort to get their money back.

The card protection plan is basically insurance that credit card holders can elect to pay to cover their card payments in case of an unexpected event. Such unexpected events include becoming laid off or unemployed suddenly, becoming injured or ill and being unable to generate income. These are the most common reasons why people cannot pay their credit card bill.

In these cases, the card protection plan steps in and makes these payments until the card holder can either recover or find new employment within a pre-set period of time. For many UK citizens, the card protection plan provides a valuable resource that can be used to protect them against unexpected events.

However, many bank and lending institutions have abused the card protection plan service in a number of ways that has led to the overcharging of billions of pounds. Such abuses have come to light and despite the sheer number of abuses recorded, it may only represent a fraction of the true size of this scandal.

Along with payment protection insurance for mortgages and loans, the card protection plan operates under the same principle of charging rates to cover these protective plans. It appears however that perhaps millions of people were overcharged or had their plans misrepresented which resulted in the loss of a significant amount of money.

For these people who have been taken advantage of, the British government has stepped in and provided a program that allows for people to file a card protection plan reclaim. These reclaim efforts do have some requirements in order to be fully recognized so that the money can be returned.

Required Documentation

Essentially, a copy of the original credit card contract and the latest credit card bill are in order. Both of these documents will show the following;

–          Actual proof of card ownership and relationship to the lender

–          The information on the original contract and typical credit card bill

–          The differences between both the bill and what was stated on the contract

These differences are important because they can indicate if the lender charged too much money for the card protection plan or misrepresented the terms that were stated. Furthermore, there are other items that can be essential to discovering if you are owed a card protection plan reclaim.

–          Did the lender inform you that CPP was mandatory?

–          Did you fall into the group that required CPP for your card?

–          Were you asked in other insurance would cover your card payments?

–          Were you told that CPP would improve your credit rating?

If you were told any of these things, you may be in line for a proper reclaim of the money spent for card protection. See the professionals to insure that you were not taken advantage of and if you were, that you have the proof needed to get your money back.


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