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Claim Back Mis-sold PPI from Think Money

Claim Back up to 30 Years of mis-sold PPI

No Original Paperwork Required

Should you concerned that you may have been erroneously sold PPI by Think Money, we shall help you in hoping to get compensation. In reality, we don’t require original paperwork or even the policy number to assist you claim back the funds. By working with us, you possess absolutely nothing to lose, because we work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. Previously, we certainly have filed claims going back thirty years, which happens to be beyond many other claims management companies are willing to do.

Many credit card companies, banks and lenders have mis-sold PPI over the years, and this includes Think Money. Many consumers considered that getting started with PPI was required should they dreamed of being approved to get a card or loan. A lot of people bought PPI policies that had been not suited to them, as well as others had little idea they were even investing in PPI from the beginning.

No matter whether you still need your credit card or otherwise, you can find your PPI premiums (and interest) back if you received a Think Money loan with PPI throughout the last 30 years or you realize that you were mis-sold a PPI policy within the last three years.

PPI was made to protect folks who suffer from credit and loans accounts. It is actually there to supply a kind of insurance in the event that someone becomes ill or is otherwise not able to work.

Common Reasons PPI was mis-sold by Think Money.

Some individuals were sold PPI since they believed they can not obtain the visa or mastercard or the loan without having the PPI policy, or even the financial institution (in the roundabout way) indicated they had to offer the PPI or just didn’t make time to claim that it was actually not essential.Other folks were not told important information about the insurance plan, like the limitations or maybe the exclusions, while and others were not told how much the PPI could be in terms of the volume of the money (therefore, they did not realize that they were paying an extra fee).

have I Got PPI Cover?

Finance companies have several terms they use when making reference to PPI. They tend to work with words like “insurance,” “protection,” and “coverage.” Anything they decide to consider it, your monthly statements needs to be clear about regardless of whether you are spending money on PPI coverage.

Whatever name it goes by, we shall assist you in developing a Think Money claims to obtain money-back if you are erroneously sold PPI. Complete the form in this posting to start with the claim at the moment. Usually do not delay it further.

Referring to loan and lending, you’ll find instances where banks and companies providing them have policies as well as agreements that are concealed from their debtors. This results in payment protection insurance; a more or less 25-year [bank] deal to individuals who’ve credit card, mortgage or even loan.

Customers buy payment protection insurance in order to payback any loan if any events happen that can cripple their financial ability, such as falling into illness, or untimely death. That is why many banks unnecessarily sell PPI policies to debtors, and employ it as an opportunity to ensure payment.

There’s a lot of financial institutions that provide ppi policy to their debtors knowing that it’s not even required in the first place. It’s saddening to figure out that lots of customers have fall victims in this tricky agreement for quite a while. This façade is like stealing on a greater scale. Knowing that, you need to learn how much time you should claim your PPI.

There is no certain time limit provided if you can present a complete original documentation as well as records of payments, however debtors are provided 25 years tops. The duration where banking institutions as well as building societies store and keep your information is also a major thing to consider. But we have the ability to successfully have your claim whether or not you have the original papers or not.

There are many things that could happen in 25 years. A time that long is more than enough for your documents as well as records to be lost. Not everyone can recall all the information of their original transactions after 20 years or even more. Besides your complete name, loan companies will often include the home address you provided during the time the loan was agreed as among the basis in finding your information. The good news is; we could help you make a claim even if you don’t have original paperwork with you. While it’s beneficial to have these records, it is not essential in claiming. That’s why we don’t need you to provide the original account number or paperwork.

Once the preliminary loan is finished, the records must be held by the finance institutions for six years as needed legally. Nevertheless, they are no longer required to keep the records on file right after obligatory six-year documentation. There are several loan companies who opted to help keep the files of transactions from the 1990’s within their archives. Although some companies give their debtors 25 years to create a, you can find individuals who give a shorter time frame, and this is because the methods and also durations of documentation which loan companies are implementing aren’t the same as one another. Should you plan to have a claim now, you can fill out the form here.


If you’ve learned that your own lending company is selling PPI policy behind your own back, then allow us to help you with it. Several individuals already had a claim properly by way of our assistance, and we could do the same for you. If you’d plan to work together with us in making a claim, kindly fill up the form that we offered in this page.

For those who have any questions or you need clarifications, we have a group that is prepared to help you with all of your inquiries. First is we require a few details from you including the lender’s name, the address you’ve utilized in filling up the loan form, and just what type of policy you got. Even though you don’t possess the original paperwork, still, we are able to give you the claim you’ve been looking for.