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Claim Back Mis-sold PPI from Silhouette Mortgages

Claim Back up to 30 Years of mis-sold PPI

No Original Paperwork Required

If you have been mis-sold PPI by Silhouette Mortgages previously, you might be able to claim the funds you’re owed plus interest. You do not have to get any paperwork and never need your policy number to get started using the process. You might have nothing to lose because we focus on a “no win no fees” basis. We try our very best to create claims for compensation returning thirty years. This is much more generous compared to what others companies offer.

The Payment Protection insurance program continues to be grossly mis-sold by many people credit card concerns, banks and loan companies, including Silhouette Mortgages and many buyers are already wrongly told they would not qualify for a loan once they didn’t join the PPI program. Countless other bought policies they would never be able to file a compensation claim on. Also, some individuals did not recognize that PPI was included in their repayment premiums.

If you have PPI a part of your Silhouette Mortgages loan or credit agreement within the last 30 years, or else you believe you have been mis-sold a PPI policy over the last 30 years, you might file an insurance claim for your personal back PPI premium payments, plus interest, even though you no more get the bank card or loan.

PPI was created to protect individuals who have credit and loans accounts. It is there to supply a form of insurance in cases where someone becomes ill or is otherwise incapable of work.

Common Reasons Silhouette Mortgages mis-sold PPI

Many people were sold PPI because they believed they might not have the visa or mastercard or even the loan without having the PPI policy, or maybe the loan provider (inside a roundabout way) indicated they had to achieve the PPI or simply just didn’t take time to point out that it had been not essential.Other people were not told important details of the insurance policy, just like the limitations or even the exclusions, while still others were not told simply how much the PPI could be in relation to the volume of the money (therefore, they did not realize they were paying an additional fee).

Will I have PPI coverage?

It can be hard to know if you are spending money on PPI, because loan companies refer to this insurance by different names (including just “insurance,” protection or cover), but regardless of the title, you can find it by examining the loan or charge card statements.

Regardless of what name it is by, we are going to assist you in making a Silhouette Mortgages claims to acquire cash back had you been erroneously sold PPI. You could start your claim now, by completing the shape on this page.

Through the years, the banks have already been providing monetary services that people need. People who are needing a card, mortgage loan or loan would certainly resort to financial establishments. First off, you may have already got your personal payment protection insurance policy (PPI) if you’re doing bank agreements during the last twenty five years. But one downside is that many banks and loan lenders incorporate such credit agreements without the borrowers’ permission. You’ll find banks which are simply sugarcoating data for them to deceive their customers in acquiring this policy.

Payment protection insurance is commonly used by people to guarantee payment of debts if any instances happen to the debtor, just like becoming ill, jobless, or death. Sorry to say, a lot of banking institutions are delivering PPI to those who don’t even demand it in the first place.

It’s an undeniable fact that borrowers were scammed simply by banking institutions by allowing them pay money for protection insurance policies for several years without knowing about it. But just how long can back you claim Payment protection insurance?

You have 25 years much more or less to help make your claim. Nonetheless, the time limit that is fixed by financial institutions and also building societies commonly varies from one another. In connection to that, it also counts on just how long they’ve been keeping your details. The thing is, these time limits shouldn’t be present in the first place. All you’ll need is your own authentic documents to help make the claim. Conversely, don’t fret if you’ve lost your own papers at the same time. You may still obtain your own claim as long as you trust in the services we present.

There are plenty of stuff that can happen in twenty five years. You might lose some of your papers regarding your bank card as well as financial loans in that length of time. Also, not so many people would be able to remember the account number of their original loan policy ten years or two after they got it. Your own complete name as well as home address when you acquired the loan will be documented by loaning firms; by which they normally use such information to effortlessly locate your documents at the same time. Thankfully, we’re capable to help you in settling a claim although you may no longer have the original documents. It’s real that it’s faster to get results if you’ve got the supporting documents, but they are not required for filing claims. That’s why we don’t require you to present the original account number or papers.

If you’d like to get our assistance in making a claim , simply just fill out the form on this page. Not all lenders will verify a claim that is settled by a customer 25 years after the first transaction. The real reason for this is that every lender has its own set of distinct protocols in holding client’s information. Many have kept records dating back in the 1990’s while some are fast to dump documents once they are legally allowed to do so. For legal reasons, loaning businesses must keep any data from your very first transaction for 6 consecutive years. The very first 6 years is only the minimum, and companies are permitted to add more years or take away the documents as they see fit.


If you feel you’re one of the numerous those who have been mis-sold with Payment protection insurance policies, then we’ll do our best in helping you claim what’s yours. Numerous people already had a claim successfully through our assistance, and we could do the same for you. We provided a form in this site for you to complete, then we can talk about on resolving this concern.

Our small dedicated team will be able to assist you with any concern you could have. To make a claim, all we require is the name of the lender, your address during the time of taking out a loan , and what kind of policy you had. The original copy of records is no longer necessary.