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Claim Back Mis-sold PPI from Santander

Claim Back up to 30 Years of mis-sold PPI

No Original Paperwork Required

If you have been mis-slod PPI by Santander, we will help you claim back each of the money plus interest. It is not necessarily needed for us to have any original documents or your policy number if you wish to create a claim. We work towards a contingency basis, meaning we will not receive money unless your case is successful. Our company is focused on working harder and more than our competition, and that we have been successful in returning and having money from three decades ago.

There are a variety of financial organizations, including credit card companies, creditors and banks, which have erroneously sold Payment Protection Insurance, and Santander is one, often hinting that consumers would not be able to receive the card or the loan unless in addition they agreed to PPI. Some consumers found that the PPI policies they purchased were unsuitable, which makes it impossible to enable them to file claims as well as others were unaware that PPI was incorporated into their loan premiums.

Should you have had PPI a part of your Santander loan or credit agreement during the last 30 years, or you believe that you may have been mis-sold a PPI policy within the last thity years, you can file a claim to your back PPI premium payments, plus interest, even though you no more hold the visa or mastercard or loan.

PPI was originally intended to protect people who had taken out mortgages, credit and store cards and also other loans once they were unable to work on account of illness, unemployment or even an accident.

The most popular reasons for mis-selling Santander PPI

. People that think that they cannot take a loan or visa or mastercard without acquiring a PPI policy.

. Convinced that PPI is compulsory instead of optional.

. PPI sold to employed and self-employed people.

. The complete term of the loan is not included in the PPI policy.

. PPI policies have been incorporated with the money or charge card without having the expertise in the buyer.

. Consumers who definitely have PPi but cannot claim it due to pre-existing medical ailments.

. Failing to explain the main elements of the insurance policy towards the consumer like limitations, cooling-off period and exclusions.

. Failing to explain the fee for the insurance plan separately to the loan quotation.

Am I Engrossed In PPI Cover?

Finance companies have several terms they utilize when talking about PPI. They have an inclination to utilize words like “insurance,” “protection,” and “coverage.” Whatever they opt to refer to it as, your monthly statements should be clear about whether you will be investing in PPI coverage.

No matter the term used to explain PPI, if you were mis-sold a policy you happen to be qualified for file a compensation claim against Santander. Begin the filing of your complaint right away by filling in the form on this page to be able to begin your claim.

There is a big tendency that you’re spending money on a payment protection insurance if you are someone who has a credit card, loan, or mortgage with more or less 25-year [bank] agreement. In most cases greedy banks and also loan companies mis-sold these policies or included them in the credit agreements without the borrower’s knowledge.

Ppi is commonly used by consumers to ensure payment of debts if any circumstances occur to the debtor, like being ill, unemployed, or death. Although, one disadvantage of it is that a lot of banking institutions and lending firms sell PPI even to people who do not need such policy.

For countless years, banks have been crippling financial states of several customers by way of misleading them into buying ppi policies. Is there any means of claiming PPI? If so, what do you must do and just how much could you get?

Usually, they’ll provide you approximately 25 years to have a claim. Sad to say, financial institutions and also lending companies set their very own time limit that is different from one another. Additionally, this will be based on just how long they’ve held your own details. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any time frame. You could get your claim as long as you have the pertinent authentic files with you. On the other hand, don’t be anxious if you’ve lost your files too. We are going to provide you all of the support that you’ll need, to make certain that you’ll be capable of making a claim effectively.

We don’t require an account number or even original paperwork if someone makes a claim; although having them might be helpful. Certainly, some people are extremely very good in keeping their loan or credit card documents for 25 years long. And it’s really unattainable also to recall the authentic loan policy number. The best part of it is that almost all loan companies will just demand your own name as well as address the time the loan was approved in order to get all your documents. Thus, we could handle your case in creating a claim without showing the original documentations to them.

Within 6 years from the moment the first financial loan is given is the period that the law requires for financial institutions to keep file of borrowers’ information. Six years is also the mandatory minimum period for company and financial institutions to keep all their clients’ data. However, some of lenders have records of their old clients; even those who have engaged with them way back 1990’s. Because of the fact that there are many different ways in keeping customers’ information, several firms permit a claim for twenty five years unlike others. Therefore, if you’re interested in making a claim simply fill out the necessary information in the form provided on this site.


We’ll happily present help to people who were mis-sold with Payment protection insurance. As such, our services have made many people happy in receiving their claims. It’s time to gain back exactly what you spent at the same time. Tell us on just how we could be of service simply by filling the form that we presented in this site.

In addition, we could give your claim even when you don’t possess the supporting papers with you. All you must do is disclose to us the name of the lender or even lending company, date and time of the loan was completed and what sort of policy you got. Furthermore, feel free to ask our own crew when you have any questions about it, and they’ll shed light to your questions.