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Claim Back Mis-sold PPI from Portfield Financial Services

Claim Back up to 30 Years of mis-sold PPI

No Original Paperwork Required

In the event you concerned you have been erroneously sold PPI by Portfield Financial Services, we shall assist you in looking to get compensation. To submit your claim, you may not have to have the original policy number or paperwork. With us, you possess nothing to lose, because we work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. We can assist you claim back far more in comparison with every other claims management service provider on the market. Just for your details, previously, we have now claimed back amounts in the region of 3 decades.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) has been mis-sold by loan companies, credit card organisations and lenders for quite some time, many consumers thought that to get approved to the loan or credit, they needed to sign up for the PPI plan. Many consumers have purchased unsuitable PPI policies that they can are never capable of claim against. A few of these customers are even not aware that PPI is included in their repayment premiums.

If you have had a Portfield Financial Services loan or credit agreement with PPI a part of it inside the last 30 years, or you have realised you had a mis-sold PPI policy throughout the past three years, you are able to claim back your PPI premiums with all the interest, whether you still have the credit card or otherwise not.

The purpose PPI is to assist who are not able to work because of sickness, accident or unemployment, make payments on their charge cards, mortgages and loans.

Common Reasons Portfield Financial Services Mis-sold PPI

The main reason, many people sign up for a PPI policy, may be the mistaken belief that coverage is important to obtain approval for their loan or charge card. The company may hint that this policy is compulsory and fail to tell the borrower that this particular insurance plans are optional. PPI could be sold to unemployed or self-employed people, who are unable to file a claim. The PPI policy may not cover the whole loan term. PPI policies can be included with that loan or charge card without their knowledge. Some clients are sold PPI, although they cannot file a compensation claim as a result of pre-existing health concerns. A credit or loan provider may forget to inform the individual of elements of the policies that are crucial as a way to understand the coverage, like limitations, exclusions and the “cooling off” period. There could have been a failure to explain the expense of the PPI, by such as the policy rate in the general loan quotation.

have I Bought PPI Cover?

Many financial organizations use different names for PPI products. Most of these names include “cover,” “insurance,” “protection,” or even the like. Whatever name they use, your monthly statement should show if you are purchasing PPI cover.

It will be easy to acquire assist in establishing a claim for compensation from Portfield Financial Services irrespective of what this PPI is referred to as if you are mis-sold the PPI to start with. Complete the shape in this article to start along with your claim at the moment. Will not delay it further.

During times of financial crisis, where a lot of people go to are banks. Among the banks that people head to when they need to get a loan, mortgage loan, or credit card is [bank]. Like many consumers who joined in this type of agreements with them during the last twenty five years, it’s likely that you already availed their payment protection insurance policy. In connection to that, borrowers are also being tricked by a number of loan providers through adding PPI in their bank card contracts without knowing. A few banking institutions will even provide inaccurate information so as to deceive their clients in availing this insurance policy.

You will find a lot of banking institutions as well as loan providers promoting Payment Protection Policy (PPI) to their borrowers even when these people don’t absolutely need it. Individuals who are just beginning to lend money must bear in mind that people who become sick, encounter an accident, or even lost a job are the only people who can make use of payment protection policies.

For countless years, banking companies have been crippling monetary states of countless clients by deceiving them into buying ppi policies. How can you claim everything back from the PPI policies? Just how can it be carried out and what is it’s period of time?

Most certainly, to make things clear, there shouldn’t be a particular time period limit when you have kept your original papers and payment documents. More often than not, a number of banks give 25 years time period limit; however all banks don’t have similar situation. In addition, the number of years they’ve kept your private information is also a consideration. However, even though you don’t have the original papers to claim back what you ought to claim, we could still assist you find it out.

We guarantee to assist you with your own claim even though you can’t provide the original records or account number. Just expect that you can have your claim in spite of that your own original documents were misplaced. It is extremely attainable that men and women will forget about as to where they have placed their loan or credit card documents and original loan policy number after 25 years. Nonetheless, the loan company may still look up your own info just by seeking your own name as well as address that you have placed the very first time you’ve sent application for the loan arrangement.

In the event the preliminary loan is completed, the records should be held by the finance institutions for six years as needed by law. The minimum period of time needed for any monetary or even business in holding the information of their clients on file is six years. There are some lenders who elected to keep the records of transactions from the 1990’s in their archives. Although some companies offer their debtors 25 years to make a claim, there are people who offer a shorter time limit, and this is simply because the strategies and durations of record keeping that loan providers are imposing aren’t the same as each other. There exists a form on this page that you can fill in if you’re going to make a claim.


If you’ve been getting Payment protection insurance without realizing it, then leave what’s left to us. We already extended our own services to a lot of clients in reclaiming what’s theirs. And it’s time for you to do the same at the same time. To assist you further with your own demands, make sure you complete the details needed on the form provided below.

Our small dedicated team will be able to help you with any concern you may have. To claim, all we require is the name of the lender, your address during the time of taking out a loan , and what type of policy you had. We won’t request you to provide the original records.