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Claim Back Mis-sold PPI from One Account

Claim Back up to 30 Years of mis-sold PPI

No Original Paperwork Required

Would you feel that One Account has mis-sold you PPI for you? Then, we can help you get compensated for that full amount they owe you plus interest. To file your claim, you do not require the original policy number or paperwork. You might have absolutely nothing to lose because we work with a “no win no fees” basis. Our objective is to receive back far more than other claims management entities have been capable to in past times in this area in the last 30 years.

Many credit card companies, banks and lenders have mis-sold PPI through the years, and this includes One Account. Many consumers believed getting started with PPI was required if they thought about being approved for any card or loan. Countless other bought policies that they can would not have the capacity to file a compensation claim on. Also, a lot of people did not understand that PPI was contained in their repayment premiums.

Regardless if you still have your credit card or not, you can get your PPI premiums (and interest) back if you received a One Account loan with PPI inside the last three decades or you realize that that you were mis-sold a PPI policy within the last three years.

You should understand that PPI began as being an insurance coverage, to ensure that people with charge cards, loans or mortgages had a layer of protection once they could not go deep into work as a result of illness, unemployment or perhaps an accident.

How Did One Account Erroneously Sell PPI?

The main reason, many individuals take out a PPI policy, will be the mistaken belief that coverage is necessary to obtain approval with regard to their loan or charge card. The company may hint how the policy is compulsory and fail to tell the borrower that this kind of insurance plans are optional. PPI could be sold to unemployed or self-employed people, who happen to be struggling to file a compensation claim. The PPI policy may not cover the entire loan term. PPI policies might be included in a loan or charge card without their knowledge. Some people are sold PPI, though they cannot file an insurance claim as a result of pre-existing medical ailments. A credit or loan provider may fail to inform the customer of facets of the policies which can be crucial to be able to be aware of the coverage, like limitations, exclusions along with the “cooling off” period. There seemed to be a failure to clarify the price of the PPI, by such as the policy rate inside the general loan quotation.

Do I Have PPI Coverage?

PPI items are given various names that happen to be different, and the majority of these names include the words, ‘protection’, ‘cover’, and ‘insurance’. Regardless of what it can be called, your monthly statement from your department store, charge card statement or loan agreement should plainly show that you are investing in the cover for PPI.

Whatever name it is by, we shall help you in creating a One Account claims to obtain money-back should you be erroneously sold PPI. Start your claim now, by completing the form in this posting.

Nearly all banking institutions and companies that present loan and lending have secret agreements as well as policies that they don’t reveal to the individuals borrowing money from them. Commonly, this complicated agreement is commonly performed each time a particular person will apply for a loan, credit card or mortgage with [bank] arrangement which will last for 25 years.

Loan payment won’t be achievable if the individual is in the middle of battling some ailment, got into a mishap or even became jobless. However by way of Payment protection insurance, borrowers who are no longer working still have the ability to repay whatever they have borrowed from lending institutions. The PPI is fairly helpful, but not everybody needs it. Conversely, several banking companies and also loaning companies make the most and sell this policy even to those individuals who don’t need such.

For countless years, banking companies have been crippling monetary states of countless customers by way of misleading them into buying ppi policies. How could you claim everything back from the PPI policies? If so, what do you must do and exactly how much could you claim?

Truth is, you could get the whole extent of your own claim if you still have the initial records of your financial dealings without having to worry regarding the time limit. We frequently see banks setting their time period limit to twenty five years, however they still have the legal right to established their very own time period limit and it is different from each other. Also, this will depend on precisely how long they have held your personal information. Most certainly, we assure you that we can give you a helping hand in claiming what’s rightfully yours even in the absence of the original forms.

Even when you can offer us your own account number or perhaps original papers; still we could get your own claim without it. Not all folks can help keep all of their credit card or loan files in a duration of 25 years. Besides, some individuals cannot also recall the authentic loan policy number they have. The greater side of it is that most loan companies will just require your own name and address the time the loan was given so as to access all of your records. This is the reason why we could help you in creating a claim even in the absence of your original files.

It’s a prerequisite for the banking institutions to hold the files for six years once the initial loan is done according to rules. This means to say that all customers’ pieces of information are held for only 6 years. Conversely, countless loan providers have still kept their customer files for over a decade. In addition, loan providers also have different procedures and length of time in keeping the files. Consequently, the claim for 25 years in one company is different to other companies. Obviously, firms have various sets of policies. On the other hand, you could fill the form here if you like to make your own claim.


If you’ve found out that your own lending company is offering Payment protection insurance policy behind your back, then allow us to assist you with it. As such, we’ve made countless individuals delighted in getting their own claim, and you could be among them. If you’d prefer to work with us in having a claim, please fill the form that we given in this site.

Our small dedicated staff will be able to assist you with any inquiry you could have. We need to know the name of the loan company, your address the time the loan was given, and also the type of policy you had for us to begin aiding you in claiming. We won’t ask you to show the original documents.