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Claim Back Mis-sold PPI from Northern Bank

Claim Back up to 30 Years of mis-sold PPI

No Original Paperwork Required

It is entirely possible that us to assist you recover money which might be owed to you plus interest in case you have been mis-sold the PPI program by Northern Bank. The truth is, we don’t require original paperwork or maybe the policy number to assist you to claim back the amount of money. By working with us, you possess nothing to lose, because we work with a ‘no win no fee’ basis. Our objective is usually to receive back a lot more than other claims management entities happen to be capable of in the past in this region within the last thirty years.

Many credit card companies, banks and lenders have mis-sold PPI over time, and this includes Northern Bank. Many consumers believed registering for PPI was required once they thought about being approved for any card or loan. Countless other bought policies that they can would not have the ability to file an insurance claim on. Also, some individuals did not realize that PPI was included in their repayment premiums.

If you have possessed a credit account or Northern Bank loan in the past thirty years or else you realized that you were mis-sold an insurance plan inside the past thirty years, you can get back all of the premiums you paid with interest. This is possible even if you are will no longer your account holder.

It is essential to know that PPI began for an insurance plan, so that individuals with credit cards, loans or mortgages experienced a layer of protection should they could not go into work due to illness, unemployment or perhaps an accident.

Common Reasons Northern Bank Mis-sold PPI

The reason why, many people remove a PPI policy, is the mistaken belief that coverage is important to get approval for loan or charge card. The company may hint how the policy is compulsory and fail to tell the borrower that this particular insurance coverage is optional. PPI may be sold to unemployed or self-employed people, who happen to be incapable of file a claim. The PPI policy might not cover the total loan term. PPI policies can be included with a loan or bank card without their knowledge. Some consumers are sold PPI, though they cannot file an insurance claim due to pre-existing medical conditions. A credit or loan provider may fail to inform the customer of areas of the policies that happen to be crucial so that you can comprehend the coverage, such as limitations, exclusions and the “cooling off” period. There seemed to be a failure to describe the expense of the PPI, by including the policy rate within the general loan quotation.

Should I have PPI coverage?

Finance companies have several terms they use when making reference to PPI. They tend to utilize words like “insurance,” “protection,” and “coverage.” Anything they plan to call it, your monthly statements needs to be clear about whether or not you are paying for PPI coverage.

It does not matter precisely what the PPI is named, should you be mis-sold the insurance policy, then you will want to file a Northern Bank claim for compensation. You can begin your claim now, by completing the shape on this page.

You can find numerous incidences of banking institutions as well as loan companies mis-selling their policies to borrowers and or incorporating them in agreements without notification. This brings about payment protection insurance; a more or much less 25-year [bank] deal to people who’ve credit card, mortgage or loan.

You’ll find a lot of banks and loan companies promoting Payment Protection Policy (PPI) to their debtors even when these individuals don’t require it. For beginners, payment protection policies are like payment assistance for loans in case the debtor will become unwell, lost a job or involved in an incident.

The payment protection insurance has been sold by banking institutions even to those clients that don’t need it. The most awful part is; they’ve been doing such anomalous deal for quite some time. This is certainly equivalent to stealing. That’s the reason why you must learn how can you claim your Payment protection insurance.

To be honest when you have all your original documentation as well as records of payments there should not be a specific time limit however from exactly what we’ve experienced it could be about 25 years. The time period normally depends on precisely how long the records are kept by the banks as well as building societies, which regularly varies. Be assured though that we can still help you out with your own claim even if the original documents aren’t with you.

Even though they are beneficial, we do not need borrowers to provide an account number or the original documents in making a claim. Few individuals will be organised enough to keep up to 25 years of financial loan or maybe bank card papers. It is very unlikely that you still memorize your original loan policy number after a long period. To be able to retrieve your information, lenders will usually need your address at the time the loan was approved along with your own complete name. We’re able to claim on your behalf without the need of the original paperwork.

If you want to obtain our assistance in making a claim , just fill in the form on this site. You might find that a few lending providers won’t grant your request for a claim after 25 years. This is because the policies and methods that lenders make use of in documentation frequently differ from one another. There are people who keep data as old as the ‘90s, but some might not find holding much records feasible. Following the completion date of the initial loan, the lender is legally bound to keep files for 6 years. Six years nevertheless is just the minimum time, and it could still be extended further according to the lending company’s decision.


We can discuss how we could help in filing a claim. To do that, you should only have to fill out the form in this page. Like most people who were tricked into buying a Payment protection insurance, you might find this matter rather complicated. We could certainly help you in this situation. In fact, there are thousands of people who were able to claim effectively though our assistance. This is the ideal moment to return exactly what belongs to you.

We’ve got small crew which will do their best in presenting you the required details as to how we can help you in creating a claim. In order for us to assist you, we need to know the name of the lender, your home address that you placed in the initial loan and also the policy you agreed with. We’ll happily present our help in creating your own claim, and you don’t need to present us with any of the authentic documents.