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Claim Back Mis-sold PPI from Click For Freedom

Claim Back up to 30 Years of mis-sold PPI

No Original Paperwork Required

If you concerned that you may have been erroneously sold PPI by Click For Freedom, we are going to assist you in attempting to get compensation. To submit your claim, you do not want the original policy number or paperwork. You will have absolutely nothing to lose as we have to win your case to become paid. We are committed to working harder and over our competition, and we have already been successful in going back and obtaining money from three decades ago.

There are a variety of financial organizations, including credit card providers, financial institutions and banks, that have erroneously sold Payment Protection Insurance, and Click For Freedom is one, often hinting that consumers would be unable to have the card or perhaps the loan unless they also consented to PPI. Countless other bought policies they would not have the ability to file claims on. Also, many people failed to understand that PPI was a part of their repayment premiums.

If you have PPI included in your Click For Freedom loan or credit agreement over the last thirty years, or you believe that you have been mis-sold a PPI policy during the last 30 years, you might file an insurance claim for your back PPI premium payments, plus interest, even though you not any longer have the visa or mastercard or loan.

PPI was originally developed to protect people who had taken out mortgages, credit and store cards and other loans should they were struggling to work on account of illness, unemployment or even an accident.

Common Reasons Click For Freedom Mis-sold PPI

A lot of people were sold PPI simply because they thought that they can not obtain the visa or mastercard or perhaps the loan minus the PPI policy, or maybe the lender (in a roundabout way) indicated that they had to offer the PPI or just didn’t make time to say that it was not essential.Other folks were not told important details of the insurance plan, just like the limitations or the exclusions, while still others were not told how much the PPI can be with regards to the volume of the money (therefore, they failed to realize they were paying yet another fee).

Am I Covered With PPI Cover?

You loan or credit card agreement might not say PPI because finance companies call this particular insurance by a lot of different names including coverage, protection or insurance, but the premium should show on the monthly bank card or loan statement.

No matter what it can be called, if you have been mis-sold PPI, you are able to definitely produce a Click For Freedom claim or compensation. Begin the filing of your own complaint right away by submitting the form in this article to be able to begin your claim.

Several banks are really stealthy to their borrowers given that they somehow sell policies to them without even exposing it. Normally, this complicated arrangement is typically completed when a particular person applies for a financial loan, credit card or even mortgage with [bank] arrangement which will last for 25 years.

There are a lot of financial institutions and also lenders offering Payment Protection Policy (PPI) to their debtors even when these people don’t actually need it. People who are just beginning to lend money must take into account that individuals who get ill, encounter a mishap, or even lost a job are the only ones who can benefit from payment protection policies.

By means of mistakenly selling PPI, banking companies and also other monetary companies have long fooled their unsuspecting customers. However, could Payment protection insurance be claimed? How can it be done and what is it’s period of time?

In fact, as long as you have kept your original papers and also transaction records, then there should be no specific time period limit. Although not all financial institutions have similar limits, mostly they provide a 25-year limit. It’s also based on any existing documents that the bank has secured through the years. Rest assured; we could assist you even though you didn’t have any of the original paperwork to claim back what precisely you should have.

We do not demand an account number or even original documents if someone makes a claim; though having them could be helpful. To help keep all credit cards or loan files in nearly 25 years is somehow difficult, but a number of individuals are great at it. And it’s quite difficult also to remember the authentic loan policy number. Still, the loan companies may still find back your own information if you have provided them the precise address and name you’ve presented to them during the loan was approved. Substantially, you could still obtain your own claim even though you lost or misplaced your original files.

It is required legally that after the end of the initial loan, records of the borrower should be kept by the financial institution for six years. After keeping the files for six years, the bank now has the choice whether or not to dispose or carry on holding the documents of their particular clients. Some other loan providers still have records of their clients going back in the 1990’s. The techniques as well as duration of record keeping which are used by one lender are not truly the same as compared to what other loan companies are utilizing. This is the reason why a number of firms have a shorter time limit while others provide their customers up to 25 years to have a claim. When you choose to create a claim now, feel free to complete the form here.


Have you been receiving Payment protection insurance without even being aware of it in the first place? When you said yes, then we could help you. We have assisted a large number of people to reclaim what’s rightfully theirs. Don’t wait around long for you could successfully get what’s yours. Kindly complete the form offered in this page with the necessary information, and we could discuss on the way we are able to present our support.

We can assist you in having a claim without your original papers. The only thing we must find out is the name of the loan company, the day when the deal was completed, along with the policy that was given to you. When you have any question or if you require any clarification concerning this issue, we’ve got a crew on standby prepared to give you answers.