Claim Back Mis-sold PPI from Automobile Association

Claim Back up to 30 Years of mis-sold PPI

No Original Paperwork Required

Will you assume that Automobile Association has mis-sold you PPI for you? If you have, we can help you get compensated to the full amount they owe you plus interest. It is not necessary for us to possess all of your original documents or your policy number in order to produce a claim. With us, you possess nothing to lose, because we focus on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. Our objective would be to receive back a lot more than other claims management entities have already been capable of in the past in this area during the last 3 decades.

The Payment Protection insurance program is grossly mis-sold by many people charge card concerns, banks and financial institutions, including Automobile Association and lots of buyers are already wrongly told they would not qualify for a loan should they didn’t enroll in the PPI program. Some individuals bought PPI policies that were not suited to them, as well as others had no idea they were even investing in PPI from the beginning.

If you have experienced a credit account or Automobile Association loan in past times 30 years or perhaps you realized you have been mis-sold an insurance policy in the past 30 years, you will get back all the premiums you paid with interest. This is possible even if you are will no longer your account holder.

PPI was originally created to protect people that had removed mortgages, credit and store cards and also other loans once they were not able to work on account of illness, unemployment or an accident.

Common Reasons Automobile Association mis-sold PPI

The reason, many individuals take out a PPI policy, is the mistaken belief that coverage is needed to get approval with regard to their loan or charge card. The company may hint the policy is compulsory and fail to tell the borrower that this particular insurance is optional. PPI could be sold to unemployed or self-employed people, who definitely are struggling to file a compensation claim. The PPI policy may not cover the complete loan term. PPI policies can be included with a loan or visa or mastercard without their knowledge. Some clients are sold PPI, though they cannot file a claim due to pre-existing medical conditions. A credit or loan company may fail to inform the consumer of facets of the policies which can be crucial as a way to comprehend the coverage, like limitations, exclusions and the “cooling off” period. There seemed to be a failure to describe the price of the PPI, by including the policy rate in the general loan quotation.

Should I Purchase PPI?

Many financial organizations use different names for their PPI products. Many of these names include “cover,” “insurance,” “protection,” or even the like. Whatever name they prefer, your monthly statement should show in case you are purchasing PPI cover.

No matter what name it is by, we are going to help you in building a Automobile Association claims in order to get money back had you been erroneously sold PPI. Obtain the claims process started by completing the form located in this article.

Almost all financial institutions and companies that present loan and lending have secret deals as well as policies which they do not expose to the people borrowing money from them. Normally, this tricky agreement is normally executed whenever a particular person applies for a financial loan, credit card or even mortgage with [bank] agreement which will last for 25 years.

Customers buy payment protection insurance as a way to payback any loan if any events occur that can cripple their financial ability, like falling into sickness, or untimely death. Surprisingly, it reached a point where doubtful banks and also lending firms offer and sell PPI to debtors who don’t need such policy at all.

Through wrongly selling payment protection insurance, banks and also other financial firms have long deceived their unsuspecting clients. But, could PPI still be claimed? What precisely should be done and when can one expect the reimbursement?

In fact, as long as you have secured your original files as well as payment documents, then there shouldn’t be certain time limit. We frequently see banking institutions setting their time limit to twenty five years, but they have the legal right to established their very own time limit and it is different from one another. In addition, you have to bear in mind that the duration by which they maintain your private information is a factor. However, you can still get the full extent of your own claim even without the original papers as well as records to support it, and we can assist you in fulfilling this endeavor.

With us, you don’t have to provide the original paperwork or account number once we make the claim. We still could do the job of filing a claim on your behalf with no original copy of papers. Not all folks can keep their loan files and also contract in the past 25 years. However, the loan company could still search your details by just seeking your name and also address that you have placed the very first time you’ve applied for the loan agreement.

It is required by law that soon after the end of the initial loan, records of the debtor ought to be held by the lender for six years. This six year is the minimum period of time that any economic institution or business must keep customers details on file. Other lenders still have records of their customers dating back in the 1990’s. While some firms give their debtors 25 years to have a claim, you’ll find individuals who present a shorter time limit, and this is because the techniques and durations of documentation which loan providers are implementing are different from one another. Make sure to fill out the form in this page if you find that submitting claims is needed.


We can certainly assist you in filing a claim. In order to do that, you should only need to fill in the form in this page. Being deceived into purchasing PPI policies is likely to be an unusual thing for many people to deal with. We could definitely help you in this situation. We have helped lots of people to successfully get back what exactly they invested on these policies. This is the ideal time to get back exactly what belongs to you.

Do not forget that you no longer need to provide the original documents should you decide to have our professional services. We just need you to answer some basic questions for us to be informed. These include your own name, what type of policy you had, and what precisely was your street address during the time the loan was granted. If you have questions, don’t be reluctant to approach our dedicated group.