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Claim Back Mis-sold PPI from Auto West

Claim Back up to 30 Years of mis-sold PPI

No Original Paperwork Required

If you have been mis-sold PPI by Auto West previously, you might be able to claim the funds you’re owed plus interest. You do not have to get any paperwork and do not need your policy number to acquire started using the process. You have absolutely nothing to lose because we work with a “no win no fees” basis. Our objective would be to receive back far more than other claims management entities happen to be capable to in past times in this area in the last 30 years.

The Payment Protection insurance program has become grossly mis-sold by a lot of credit card concerns, banks and creditors, including Auto West and lots of buyers have been wrongly told which they would not qualify for a financial loan if they didn’t sign up for the PPI program. Countless other bought policies that they would not be able to file claims on. Also, a lot of people did not know that PPI was contained in their repayment premiums.

If you had PPI included in your Auto West loan or credit agreement during the last three decades, or you believe you have been mis-sold a PPI policy within the last 30 years, you might file claims for your personal back PPI premium payments, plus interest, although you may no more get the charge card or loan.

PPI was made to protect those who have credit and loans accounts. It is there to supply a sort of insurance in the event that someone becomes ill or is otherwise incapable of work.

How Did Auto West Erroneously Sell PPI?

. People who believe that they cannot require a loan or charge card without obtaining a PPI policy.

. Believing that PPI is compulsory and not optional.

. PPI sold to employed and self-employed people.

. The whole term from the loan will not be included in the PPI policy.

. PPI policies have been offered with the money or charge card minus the understanding of the customer.

. Consumers who definitely have PPi but cannot claim it on account of pre-existing health conditions.

. Failing to explain the important facets of the plan towards the consumer such as limitations, cooling-off period and exclusions.

. Neglecting to explain the price of the policy separately to the loan quotation.

Do I have PPI coverage?

You loan or bank card agreement may not say PPI because finance companies call this kind of insurance by many different names including coverage, protection or insurance, however the premium should show on the monthly bank card or loan statement.

It makes no difference what the PPI is called, had you been mis-sold the insurance plan, then you will want to file a Auto West claim for compensation. Have the claims process started by completing the shape located in this article.

Payment protection insurance policies are used by a lot of consumers in credit card loans or even mortgages with [bank] agreements for the last Twenty five years. It is a normal scenario that many loan providers and also banks sell these policies or else incorporate them in credit agreements without making the debtors aware of such.

Loan payment will not be possible if the person is in the midst of battling a certain ailment, got into an accident or perhaps became jobless. But nonetheless, these people could repay their loans with the help of PPI. Although the PPI policy is fairly useful, but it doesn’t mean it’s required by everyone. The problem is; there are banks and lenders who are making the most of unsuspecting customers.

So we have established that the banks are actually ripping off customers for years by mis-selling payment protection insurance. So how much time do you have to claim your own Payment protection insurance?

Normally, they’ll give you about 25 years to create a claim. Nevertheless, not every banking institutions or even loan providers can give you the same time limit. The deadlines are also according to personal data and also documents that they still have. For starters, the time period is pointless. You can acquire your claim as long as you have the important authentic documents with you. Conversely, don’t fret if you’ve lost your own documents as well. You may still acquire your claim if you trust in the services we provide.

Our own clients are no longer necessary to give us their original account number as well as documents simply because whilst having them is helpful, it is still achievable to make a claim without these papers. Few individuals will be organized enough to keep up to twenty five years of loan or maybe bank card documents. It is very unlikely that you still memorize your original loan policy number after several years. Most loan providers are able to find your details just by your name and also street address you had at that time the loan were agreed. We are able to make a claim on your behalf with no need of the original paperwork.

Law calls for all finance companies which files should only be stored for six years once the initial loan is finished. Six years is the mandatory minimum duration for company and banking institutions to keep all of their clients’ information. Conversely, lots of lenders have records of their previous clients; even those who have engaged with them back 1990’s. Since most lenders vary in the procedures and the period of time they’re keeping client’s documents; a number of them won’t enable a 25 year claim while some permit it. Even so, just fill out the form provided on this page if you want to file a claim.


Have you been obtaining Payment protection insurance without knowing it in the first place? In case you stated yes, then we can assist you. A lot of our customers have already claimed the money that they spent on these policies. Don’t wait around long for you could effectively acquire what’s yours. With this, kindly fill the form here to ensure that we’ll know just how we can assist you.

If you opt to work together with us in filing a claim, you don’t have to give us any original document about your transactions. We just need you to answer some basic questions for us to be informed. That would include your own name, the kind of policy that you had, as well as your street address during the time when you took out a loan. In case you have inquiries, don’t hesitate to approach our dedicated group.