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Claim Back Mis-sold PPI from Arnold Clark

Claim Back up to 30 Years of mis-sold PPI

No Original Paperwork Required

If you have been mis-sold PPI by Arnold Clark previously, you may be able to claim the money you’re owed plus interest. To file your claim, you do not have to have the original policy number or paperwork. We work towards a contingency basis, which means we will not get paid unless your case is a winner. Our objective is to receive back much more than other claims management entities are already capable to previously in this area during the last 3 decades.

Many credit card providers, banks and lenders have mis-sold PPI through the years, and that includes Arnold Clark. Many consumers considered that subscribing to PPI was required when they dreamed of being approved for any card or loan. Countless other bought policies that they can would never have the capacity to file a claim on. Also, a lot of people failed to recognize that PPI was contained in their repayment premiums.

Regardless if you still need your credit card or otherwise not, you can find your PPI premiums (and interest) back should you received a Arnold Clark loan with PPI in the last 30 years or you realize that you were mis-sold a PPI policy in the last three years.

PPI was originally designed to protect those who had removed mortgages, credit and store cards as well as other loans once they were unable to work as a result of illness, unemployment or an accident.

Common Reasons Arnold Clark Mis-sold PPI

Some people were sold PPI simply because they considered that they could not obtain the charge card or the loan minus the PPI policy, or the loan provider (inside a roundabout way) indicated they had to have the PPI or simply didn’t spend some time to state that it was actually not required.Other people were not told important facts about the policy, just like the limitations or even the exclusions, while and others were not told just how much the PPI would be in terms of the volume of the borrowed funds (therefore, they did not realize that they were paying one more fee).

Should I have PPI coverage?

It could be hard to know should you be investing in PPI, because finance institutions call this insurance by different names (including just “insurance,” protection or cover), but irrespective of the title, you can get it by examining your loan or credit card statements.

Irrespective of what name it is going by, we will help you in developing a Arnold Clark claims to obtain money back if you are erroneously sold PPI. Start your claim now, by completing the form on this page.

Any loan, credit card or mortgage which has a [bank] deal for more or less than 25 years is named a payment protection insurance policy. Unexpectedly, a lot of sneaky loan providers or banks somehow put this kind of policy in the credit agreements without notifying the particular borrowers. These companies show no regard to their consumers simply to assure that they constantly obtain payment.

If a person has had a crash, became unemployed or unwell, then they will lose the capacity to pay their loan. Nonetheless, with the existence of the PPI, such folks could be helped in repaying their own loans. Though the payment protection insurance policy is fairly useful, but it doesn’t imply it is required by everyone. Conversely, a number of banking institutions and also lending firms take advantage and sell this insurance policy even to those individuals who don’t need such.

We’ve discovered that there are banks which are tricking clients just by adding the payment protection insurance on their tab. What’s shoddier is that this situation is evident for countless years. However, you could still claim PPI from the financial institution that offered it to you initially; which depends on the extent of time that you were shelling out the insurance policy.

There is no specific time limit offered when you can present a complete original documentation and also records of payments, however borrowers are given twenty five years tops. Furthermore, remember that it also depends as to how long banks and also building societies have kept your crucial information. Even now, even without the original records, we surely could help you in acquiring what precisely you should have.

Giving us with your authentic records or even account number is not a requirement whenever you claim, nonetheless if you could show them, it can be a big assistance. So as to help keep all credit cards or even loan documents in almost 25 years is somehow difficult, but some people are great at it. Besides, some individuals can’t also remember the authentic loan policy number they have. Usually, lenders will demand information like your own name and address from the time your own loan was given in order to find you. This is why we are able to assist you in creating a claim even in the absence of your own original files.

If you’d like to get our own assistance in making a claim , simply just fill out the form on this site. Some lenders would honor a claim that is made by a client 25 years after, but there are those who wouldn’t. It’s mainly because record storage policies are different on each loan company. Lawfully, loaning firms can dispose of their previous client’s files if the required length is up; nevertheless, a few loan providers are maintaining records since time immemorial. Any documents from your first mortgage must be kept by the lending party for six years as ordered by the law. However, this is only the minimum years they are necessary to keep the data files of their own clients.


You could count on us if you believe that you have mis-sold Payment protection insurance. We were able to assist thousands of people with their claim; thus, they are now enjoying are worthy of. Fill out the form available on this site if you’d prefer to acquire more information regarding how you can get started in making a claim.

When you prefer to acquire our services, do not forget that we no more need you to present the original files. We only require a number of details in completing our task. We only need your name, the policy that you obtained, and your home address when the transaction was done. In case you have questions, don’t be reluctant to approach our dedicated group.